X-RAY PROTECTIVE glass because of its excellent radiation shielding capability and
high light transmittance, radiation shielding lead glass LX-57B  has many medical and
laboratory applications, as well as being widely used in nuclear power industries.
Since the LX-57B glass is melted in a tank furnace and rolled continuously, We are is
able to supply large-size and high-quality LX-57B glass readily upon demand.

Approved Product

With a lead oxide content of 55%, LX-57B glass has excellent radioactive shielding
capabilities. For example, 9mm thick LX-57B has the same X-ray shielding
capabilities (lead equivalent: 2.0mm Pb) as 2mm thick lead plating. LX-57B is a
technically approved product

Excellent Transparency

LX-57B has a grade of optical glass quality. Because both surfaces are optically
polished it allows very high light transmittance. This transmittance is almost the
same as that for a normal windows glass. Because of its excellent transmittance,
LX-57B can be used with great advantage in observation and operation windows of
radiation equipment.

Glass Characteristics

LX-57B would not be combustible even in the unlikely event of a fire because it is an
inorganic glass. It also has excellent chemical resistant properties. LX-57B is easy to
process. It can be easily formed into a disk plate, or drilled for glove box.
Large Sizes Increase the Field of Vision

The largest LX-57B product is 1,200 x 2,600mm. Using large-size LX-57B for
observation and operation windows in X-ray TV rooms, CT scanning rooms and
angiography rooms provides a wider field of vision and improves operations.
Glass over 14.0mm in thickness available on request.

Since 1990
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         Glass thickness and lead equivalent:

Glass thickness(mm)        Mimimum lead           X-ray tube peak    
voltage(KV)                    equivalent(mmPb)

 6*                              1.1                                                      
 7*                              1.5        
 8                               1.8                               60 -- 150
 9*                              2.0        
11*                              2.5        
14*                              3.0                               60 -- 200
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