Solargray® Glass                                                 Solarbronze® Glass

With PPG’s glare reducing tinted glasses, architects can design building facades that make a
visual statement, while maintaining energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Solargray® Glass
For nearly 40 years, Solargray® glass has been selected for commercial structures because
of its cool light-gray appearance and ability to control solar heat gain and glare. Solargray®
glass in a one inch insulating unit provides a visible light transmittance of 40%. Its light gray
color makes Solargray® glass an attractive choice, combined with almost any other exterior
cladding material.

Solarbronze® Glass
The warmth of its bronze tint has made Solarbronze® float glass a popular glass solution
since 1959 for commercial buildings. Solarbronze® glass reduces solar heat gain and glare
while providing a visible light transmittance of 48% in a one inch insulating unit.
Solarbronze® glass imparts a subtle richness from the exterior and adds a warm glow to
interior decors without noticeably influencing true color
Solargray® Glass
Solargray® Glass

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