Processed Glass

The Processed Glass, Tempered Glass, or even called sometimes Toughened Glass belongs in the family of Glass that are rigid and extra-solids. ​

In fact, the Processed Glass, as its name says it all, has been going through many transformations, such specific chemical treatments applied into it with very high temperature, and by applying some very specific controlled thermal into it in order to increase its strength.

This Processed Glass is definitely strong, solid and reliable compared to other Glass families. ​

By applying a lot of chemical treatments and / or high temperature to this glass, that creates internal pressure that gives the Glass special Strength. ​

On other-words, the surface of a regular Glass is heated up in the furnace in a very high temperature to turn this regular glass into a Processed Glass.

Some of the ideal recommended temperature for Processed Glass is ~ 600°C. The Processed Glass is, rapidly after the heating, cooled of by a strong cold air temperature for about 10 seconds only.

The Processed Glass, going from very hot to very cold keeps its pressure, which makes it stronger. ​

This procedure makes the Processed Glass family about 25% more expensive then a regular standard Glass. ​

Many of our customers ordering this type of Glass are usually working for some designer firms using this Processed Glass for glass stairs, balcony glass and any other solid reliable glass use. ​

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