Low E Glass or Low Emissivity

Low e Glass or Low-emissivity Pros and Cons of the low e Glass + Keeping heat and cold + UV Protective + Scratch-free Glass - Slight green color

Low E Glass or also called Low-emissivity, glass was created to minimize the amount of ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, without minimizing the amount of light that enters the room.

Low-E glass windows have a microscopically thin coating that is transparent and reflects the heat. ​

Here are some advantages of the Low E Glass: By using the Low E Glass versus any other standard Glass, your home or office is staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter season. How does it work?

Well, the low E Glass simply reflects the heat back to its source. This is the reason why it is keeping the heat inside while cold outside, and the cold inside while hot outside.

This Low e Glass has been used for decades worldwide and has been a good energy efficient solution in a long run. ​

An other great advantage of the low e glass is that the coating won't scratch since it is applied within the glass itself. ​

One of an other advantage is that the low E Glass help protects against UV.

Therefore, it's a good glass for protecting any furniture inside a home for example. ​

The lifetime of a standard Low e Glass varies about 8 to 10 years, however better quality Low-e Glass can sometimes average a life-expectancy of 15 years. It also depends on the climate and weather conditions. ​

Low e Glass, has somehow a small negative point. The Low e Glass has a slightly green color into it (this comes from the thin film that is inside the glass).

Most people can see a slight different on the color, but obviously, the low e Glass still remains a Glass that offers a lot of advantages that we explained above. ​


Thickness: 4-12mm



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