Laminated Glass

The Laminated Glass belongs in the safety family of Glass.

It is rigid, solid, and usually used for architectural and automotive projects.

What is the difference between Laminated Glass and Processed Glass? ​

On the the processed Glass there is a lot of chemical and pressurized high temperature processed into it, which makes the glass much stronger then a usual standard Glass while the Laminated Glass is usually two sheets of glass that contains in between a plastic sheet or layer of plastic that will make the laminated glass stronger and last longer.

Also, if the laminated glass is breaking, the glass is staying in its frame. ​

In the 1920's, most cars were using the Processed Glass for their front and back windows.

However in the mid-1940's, most car manufactures changed that with the Laminated Glass since it was safer in case of car accidents.

The difference of the price between the Laminated Glass and its rival is not quite an issue for our customers to chose one over the other. ​

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