Color Patterned Glass

The color Patterned Glass belongs in the family of Designed Glasses.

There are plenty different of Patterned Glass and they are used in many ways as explained here.

The color Patterned Glass is manufactured based on different colors (red, blue, yellow and so on).

This is at first worked in a way that the Glass is not clear, not a clear cut, it could be a design on it, or even a blurry glass that is created purposely to make sure that the other side of the Patterned Glass is unclear and opaque / non-transparent Glass.

Some of our color Patterned Glass can come very clear as well. This depends on the quality and the color our clients chose to order.

The purpose of this Patterned Glass is usually for bathroom or replacing shower curtains. In this case, anyone can see someone on the other-side of the Patterned Glass but not clearly.

Most of our customers that do order this Patterned Glass are mostly hotels owners that decide to renovated the bathrooms of their hotels.

The Color Patterned Glass comes in many shapes, colors and designs. ​

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