Since Starphire® glass was introduced in 1990, it continues to be greeted with
enthusiasm by designers who see its limitless design possibilities. They embrace the
product because it is free of the green cast inherent in ordinary clear float glass.
Starphire® glass is an ultra-clear glass designed for a wide variety of commercial
applications. It maintains its remarkable clarity in any thickness.

Its incredible clarity and sparkling edge make it perfect for architectural use. Starphire®
glass is the ideal solution for emphasizing sunny atriums, entranceways, reception
areas, lobbies or entire building facades. In retail storefronts and displays, it allows the
displayed products’ true colors to shine through.

The high fidelity color transmission of Starphire® glass makes it possible to incorporate
whites, pastels and soft earthtones in your spandrel designs while allowing the true
colors to shine through. When white or light-colored ceramic frit designs are desired,
Starphire® glass is the solution.

And, when laminated for security glazing applications, the high transmittance of PPG
Starphire® glass provides an unmatched combination of security and visibility.
Regardless of the thickness of the desired laminate configuration, Starphire® glass
avoids the greening inherent in ordinary clear glass. From zoo enclosures to jewelry
storefronts, Starphire® provides color fidelity with security.

Typical Starphire® Applications
While the architectural uses for PPG Starphire® glass are limitless, a few applications
where its unsurpassed clarity has already found favor are:

• Vision glass of unique brightness and character
• Spandrels of ‘true’ color fidelity
• Dramatic entranceways/doors
• Brighter, more exciting atriums
• Security glazing laminates of outstanding color fidelity
• Sparkling glass partitions and handrails
• Retail storefront/display cases of unequaled clarity and character
• Sculptures
• Decorated and screen-printed vision glass

Starphire® glass is produced in thicknesses 1/8" through 1/2".

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