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Low-E Coating
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Low-E Coating
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Our PPG Arquitectural Glass

Glass and paint provided continued prosperity to the company in
the 1920s as the auto industry and construction of skyscrapers
transformed and modernized the American scene.

During this period, PPG also increased its commitment to
development of technology for improved production efficiency and
high product quality and versatility.

One early achievement was, in 1924, the first straight-line conveyor
method of glass manufacture, which advanced the glass production
process much as the assembly line transformed the auto industry.  
In the decades since, PPG has continued to develop new glass and
paint products to meet more demanding market needs, and to
expand its array of chemical products.

In 1952, recognizing the potential of another type of glass product,
the company established its fiber glass business.  One of the
"miracle" fibers created by laboratory researchers, fiber glass
continues to achieve expanding use in a variety of products, and
PPG has been in the forefront of product and process development.

As a result of its diversification, growth, rapidly developing global
presence, and the passing of the old plate process for making
glass, the company changed its name to PPG Industries in 1968.  In
the ensuing decades, as many of its basic commodity product
markets matured in North America and Europe, the company gave
new emphasis to development of specialty, value-added products,
process efficiency and accelerated global expansion.

Today PPG is a leader in its markets, streamlined and efficient, and
on the leading edge of new technologies to provide a
growth-focused future worldwide.
Since 1990
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Warm Green Reflective
Solarcool® Caribia™
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