PPG Azuria™ is a spectrally selective tinted glass like no other architectural glass product
available today, from its aquamarine appearance to its unsurpassed performance.
Azuria™ glass provides buildings with a desirable low shading coefficient and high visible
light transmittance, a unique combination unmatched by any other commercial glass
product. PPG Azuria™ is the best blend of solar control and visible light transmittance
available in an aquamarine glass product.

Azuria™ is the perfect glass for ocean-front structures and poolside settings, with its azure
blue appearance complementing the natural beauty of the outdoors and its high light
transmittance bringing that beauty indoors.

Behind that beauty lies incredible performance. The Shading Coefficient of Azuria™
glass is extraordinarily low, especially for an uncoated tinted product: 0.44 in a one inch
insulating unit. Yet, visible light transmittance is high, especially for a tinted product: 60%
for a one inch I.G. unit. This combination yields a Light to Solar Gain Ratio (LSG) of 1.58
which no other commercially available architectural glass can match

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